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I wanted to recommend Roberts Camera in Indianapolis for the Affiliate list. They have a really complete collection, and their prices are always the same as B&H & Adorama. Because I'm trying to support a local camera shop (local to me, anyway) they are my go to place. I haven't purchased used equipment from them, so I can't comment on that, but their new equipment service is great.
Shutter Count on my Sony A6500 is 5334 (picmeta.com). This low count is because at the beginning, I was shooting Canon/Sony about 50/50 and later on, I always shot the A6500 in tandem with an A6400...
Hi Amin-- I wanted to post something for sale-- but am not sure I am a "registered member". I thought I was a subscriber, but the "form" for selling doesn't come up for me. I see a "post a thread" on the selling page, but not the selling form itself. Can you help? Thank you,
diane danthony
Amin Sabet
Amin Sabet
Click on the "post a thread" link, and it will take you to the form. Thanks, Amin
I wonder how many places have a location "Green Mountains" ... Australia for one :)
Ours happen to be in Vermont, US., which is what the state name is derived from! But yes, such an original name..... :-D
How about "Pilot Rock?" There are about a hundred of them scattered all over the western U.S. My guess is that Australia has a few of its own.
@WoodWorks , curiously I'd never heard of a Pilot Rock so when I GoogleMaps'd it they seem confined to the USA ... a bit like Hirvimaki in Finland I guess (moose hill), regional thing ;-)
I purchased a Newer Arca Compatible L bracket or my A6500 and it seems to be made every bit as well as the Kirk and RRS L brackets I have used in the past, The big difference is the price. On eBay, the Newer L bracket cost under fifteen U.S. Dollars instead of over a hundred...
Thanks for the info Richard. I will have to check it out, especially given your recommendation.
Hey, I don't know if you still have it, but I'm looking for the A7RII service manual, and you seem to be the only person who has a copy of it accessible to the general consumer. Understand if not, but if you'd be willing, could you please send a copy of the manual to markboucherk622@gmail.com ?

Thank you!
- Mark
Hi Amin,

Thank you very much. I was going to write you that you can count my money as my membership fee. My paypal acct is with my other older yahoo e-mail. It says that they will return in after 30 days or I can open a new acct to retrieve that. I will try to post Sigma 56mm if I can get the lens and find the time esp with less interesting things to take photos in winter.

Thanks again,

Amin Sabet
Amin Sabet
Hi Serhan, sorry I just saw this now! I've upgraded your account. Thanks! -Amin
Out of action, while recovering from a serious cycling accident. Restricted to one leg for several months.
sorry to read this Dave ... but glad that it didn't result in the same thing which occured to the owner of Lens Bubbles (also an A7 user) who became paraplegic in a cycle accident.

Best Wishes for a smooth rehab
I am new to Sony cameras and just purchased an A7iii and Sony Zeiss 24-70 f4 OSS (used like new) and I am in awe with the performance.
Hi Steve,

Could you please email a copy of the A7RII service manual to me at jofink@bellsouth.net.


Leaving for Poland tomorrow night. Easter and Dyngus Day in Warsaw. Then on to Krakow and Prague. Back in 8 days.
Thanks to allow me to join E mount forum. Retired officer of Broadcasting and photography is my passion. Have Sony A7ii and eos 5D.
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