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Robert, I just sent this Bob (bdbits), but I see that you are online. How can we get rid of a new member - centrikus158 - who sends solicitations for sex? See attached.

Thanks, Mike


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I just nuked him. No telling if he/she will be back under another IP address. But...
Thanks! What a creep.
Hello Dave. I just wondered what you found as "funny" with the Auschwitz post in B&W.
I wanted to recommend Roberts Camera in Indianapolis for the Affiliate list. They have a really complete collection, and their prices are always the same as B&H & Adorama. Because I'm trying to support a local camera shop (local to me, anyway) they are my go to place. I haven't purchased used equipment from them, so I can't comment on that, but their new equipment service is great.
Shutter Count on my Sony A6500 is 5334 (picmeta.com). This low count is because at the beginning, I was shooting Canon/Sony about 50/50 and later on, I always shot the A6500 in tandem with an A6400...
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