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Zeiss 24mm f1.8 in stock at Amazon.com


TalkEmount Regular
Aug 8, 2011
Houston Texas USA
As of 5:27 p.m., Central Standard Time in Houston, Texas.

Amazon.com has 8 Zeiss lenses new for $999 (each). It had 12 about an hour ago. With the rumored price increase to $1099 in April, now is the time to grab them.

Use the mu-43.com/seriouscompacts.com/talknex.com affiliate link below.


Just click on the link, and do a search for "Sony Zeiss 24mm".

Amazon Warehouse Deals was listing used ones from $1130 - $1190 just earlier this morning!! With the arrival of this new batch of lenses, the price on the used ones have been dropped to $949. Those greedy Amazon folks jacked up the price of the old ones when they ran out of stock on the new stuff. Good thing Sony locks the price of the new gear to a fixed retail price to all Sony authorized retailers. Otherwise, I'm sure Amazon would be charging more than $999 for the Zeiss, just like they did for the old stuff as of earlier this morning.


TalkEmount All-Pro
Aug 27, 2011
I guess some 24mm stock came, but I see no availability of 50mm in US so far other then ebay higher prices. One time focus camera had it, but I had some bad experiences from similar shops from Brooklyn. I am still waiting the preorder from B&H.

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