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Aug 20, 2011
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Disclaimer: I am not a videographer and there was no editing involved with these shots. I am posting these to show what a normal person with none of these skills can do with the NEX.

I shot these two videos a couple of weeks ago. The quality was really good. Shot with the 18-55mm at about 40 yards away and resting on my knee. These were of a local youth play, in which my 7 year old niece is performing.

Make sure and change to 720 resolution for the best effect.
[video=youtube;aZNq9gZDp78] [/video]

[video=youtube;m-KO7uLMyl4] [/video]

However, this is a camera that takes videos, not a video recorder. A few of the features that a video recorder has that my NEX does not are:

1- Zoom control. Try zooming with a manual zoom lens while trying to stay in focus and have no camera shake.

2- Focusing. In order to stay focused you must keep your finger on the shutter. Holding the camera steady and keeping your finger still for any duration is a bit challenging.

These two items are no problem as long as you subject does not move around a whole lot. However, if they are moving around you are going to have issues staying in focus and stable.

3-Stabilization. My recorder is very good at helping me hide the little movements. The NEX shows up a whole lot more.

4- Light. There is no external light for night time shooting.

All that aside, the NEX does take a remarkable video for a camera. It is great to know that if I need to take a video I can. What we do as a family is that I take the camera and my wife takes the video recorder. I focus on stills, she focuses on videos.


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Aug 19, 2013
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Very nice - you should change the description on YouTube so other's considering buying an NEX Camera can find your video example

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