Featured Your most impressive E mount lens?

Discussion in 'Sony Alpha E-Mount Lenses' started by Kiwi Paul, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. Kiwi Paul

    Kiwi Paul TalkEmount Top Veteran

    Feb 14, 2016
    Aberdeen, Scotland
    Do you have a lens or lenses that really stand out and have impressed you?

    There are 3 (maybe 4) lenses that have really put a smile on my face and all for the same reason more or less.
    The FE35 2.8, FE55 1.8 and FE90 2.8 (the 4th being the CV10).
    Yep primes.
    These 3 lenses have such good resolution, micro contrast and just perform so well, I've not noticed any CA's or any other anomalies to mention. The images are just so crisp and clean and detailed, they really do stand out.
    The CV10 is excellent too, quite possibly in the same class as the 3 above although it hasn't quite left me with the awe inspiring admiration I have for the 35, 55 and 90.
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  2. fractal

    fractal TalkEmount Hall of Famer Subscribing Member

    Jun 17, 2014
    Southeastern PA
    I just moved up to an A7rii from an NEX-7. Haven't had enough time with my FE 55mm 1.8 yet.

    With the NEX-7, my best lens (and I had a lot of them) was easily the Sony Zeiss 24mm 1.8. Not just the image quality, color and rendering - which was great, but also the versatility of the lens. "Carry around", landscape, environmental portrait, low light, and with a close min focusing distance and 1:4 reproduction can be used as a quasi-macro. Just a terrific lens that sings in front of the Sony 24mpx APS-C sensor.
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  3. WoodWorks

    WoodWorks Super Moderator Subscribing Member

    Dec 12, 2012
    Ashland, OR, USA
    If I could only keep one lens from amongst all that I own or have owned, it would have to be the SEL35F28Z.
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  4. addieleman

    addieleman Passionate amateur Subscribing Member

    Nov 13, 2012
    Ad Dieleman
    There isn't one in my line-up (see signature) that really stands out. In terms of usefulness the FE 4/24-70mm is the clear winner, very flexible range and high-quality images once I got to know how to avoid its weaknesses. The FE 2.8/35 is very good and I like it a lot because it's small, light and has a lens hood that hardly adds to its overall size. Paired to the A7R2, this lens gives you full-frame goodness in a compact and very powerful package. At the bottom of the list would be the FE 1.4/35mm: it offers great image quality, but it is so darn large and heavy.

    In fact, I like all my native FE lenses. The only one I didn't like was the FE 28-70mm and that one was sold long ago and replaced by the 24-70mm.
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  5. nidza

    nidza TalkEmount Regular

    Nov 1, 2013
    70-200/4 G.
  6. Mus Aziz

    Mus Aziz TalkEmount All-Pro

    Sep 3, 2015
    I've owned a few FE lenses at one time or another (55/1.8, 28/2, 16-35/4 and Loxia 35) and none are as impressive as my legacy Minolta MC Rokkor 50/1.4. Don't get me wrong. They're sharp, etc but I just prefer the rendering of that old Minolta glass. I have yet to try the Sony Zeiss 50/1.4 though.

    At the moment I'm digging my Sigma 35 Art and looking forward to the arrival of the Sigma 20/1.4 Art ;)
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  7. davect01

    davect01 Super Moderator Subscribing Member

    Aug 20, 2011
    Fountain Hills, AZ
    I love my 28-70mm and the 50mm on my A6000.

    The 55-210mm and 20mm serve their purpose but are nothing special
  8. firemist

    firemist TalkEmount Veteran

    Dec 4, 2015
    B25, B85, FE55/1.8.
  9. Nexnut

    Nexnut TalkEmount Top Veteran

    Same here, I've owned some, tried a few more but generally prefer the not too clinical rendering of most of my older lenses.
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  10. Bill Symmons

    Bill Symmons TalkEmount Rookie

    Feb 2, 2016
    My Zeiss Batis 85mm f1.8 outperforms all my others.
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  11. WNG

    WNG TalkEmount Hall of Famer

    Aug 12, 2014
    Arrid Zone-A, USA
    Non-Sony native mounts I'm very impressed with are my Rokinon/Samyang FE-mount 12mm f/2.8 Fish-eye, and 14mm f/2.8 UWA. At these focal lengths, the manual focusing isn't an issue. Outstanding performance for the amount of investment. Other than not being able to install fliters (easily), little to complain about.

    In APS-C, Sony's SEL 50-f/1.8 is a winner in my books. What they achieved for the asking price, is remarkable. A must-have for the NEX/a6xxx shooter.
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  12. Hawkman

    Hawkman TalkEmount All-Pro

    Sep 10, 2013
    Virginia, USA
    While I like each of my E-mount native lenses (all APS-C so far), and each has their own particular strengths, one stands out at the moment, and that is the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN C. At f/1.4 it's the fastest AF APS-C lens currently available making it great for low light. It's sharp in the center at 1.4, and very sharp across most of the frame stopped down just a bit. And it's a very useable normal focal length for most of my purposes. Prior to it I would have said the Sony E 50/1.8 OSS was my favorite.

    (See also this post on my new blog... My Favorite E-Mount Lenses… So Far )
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  13. Alex66

    Alex66 TalkEmount Regular Subscribing Member

    Dec 23, 2014
    The E mount 50mm OSS on the NEx6 has been steller for live band shots and the odd portrait. The 55mm 1.8 FE "Zeiss" however is the lens that has caused extreme delight, I have always been a 50mm guy and I can't think of one that is so good that I have used. I have had at various points the Leica f2, the 1.4 OM, the 1.6 Fuji X (film) various Canon and Nikon versions, the Jupiter 8 Zeiss copy and the Contax MF 1.8 and this beats all. Actually of the others the most enjoyable were the Fuji and the Jupiter 8, the latter less than perfect but quite beautiful rendering of people especially, the Fuji was very sharp as was the Contax mount but I preferred the Fuji for some reason. Both the Jupiter 8 and the 55mm are Sonars so perhaps that has a lot to do with it, I bought the A7 to use the 55mm having liked everything I saw about this lens and knowing that it would be used a lot. If I was reduced to just this combo I would not really mind or notice so much, over 90% of my work is a 50mm equivalent, to the point of looking at shots with zooms having been zoomed to around that area.
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  14. NickCyprus

    NickCyprus Super Moderator

    Oct 11, 2012
    I thought the thread title said "E-mount lens"
    Adapted lenses are not e-mount since they require an adapter to fit :D

    Anyway, for me to answer this thread it requires one owning a lot of e-mount lenses (so he can have a large sample of comparison) and since I don't own a lot (I only own three, used to own 6 with my apsc lenses), I feel somehow inadequate to answer. I'm sure there are more e-mount lenses better than the ones I own...

    Sorry if I missed the point of this thread.
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  15. Amamba

    Amamba TalkEmount All-Pro

    Apr 13, 2013
    SE MI
    Not really, tbh. I don't buy expensive and bulky FE lenses because I want to use the camera in different conditions - rain, sand, off the boat, in the streets - and not worry that it may get damaged or stolen. Also, in the past couple of years I've developed a very strong adversity towards carrying a large and heavy camera. I pretty much stopped using my A-mount lenses because of this. SELP18105 is the heaviest and largest lens that lives on my Nex, and only because there's really no alternative to it. This is not because of any physical issues, I just don't want to be a glass-carrying camel any more, I'd rather sacrifice a little IQ for convenience.

    So, all of my lenses are a compromise. They are tools. When I shot Canon, I did have a couple lenses that were special - like the EF85/1.8 which I think was a better lens that it's much more expensive faster brother. I could always tell that lens by it's bokeh and colors. I don't have a single lens like this in Sony lineup, certainly not in their APS-C offerings.

    That said, I am fine with most of my lenses. They allow me to get photos that are decent enough for my use (I never print) and keep my photo bag small and expendable.
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  16. addieleman

    addieleman Passionate amateur Subscribing Member

    Nov 13, 2012
    Ad Dieleman
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  17. Amamba

    Amamba TalkEmount All-Pro

    Apr 13, 2013
    SE MI
    Yes, that's how I started to feel. We like to travel as a family, and carrying the bag full of glass is really interfering with my ability to enjoy the trip, I feel like I have a job to do rather than just looking at places and occasionally taking a photo or two.

    When we went to the Czech Republic last year, I only put three lenses in my bag - the 18105 and 16/2.8 with UWA adapter, plus 1650 as a backup. Never felt I was short on glass.
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  18. Alex66

    Alex66 TalkEmount Regular Subscribing Member

    Dec 23, 2014
    I think I went on a major detour there, I can waffle on for ages about lovely 50's.
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  19. AlwaysOnAuto

    AlwaysOnAuto TalkEmount Hall of Famer

    Feb 17, 2015
    SEL28F20, only one I've got.
    How can I not like it?
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  20. soeren

    soeren TalkEmount Top Veteran

    Dec 12, 2014
    Næstved, Denmark
    I'm amazed neither the rokinon/samyang 12mm f2 nor the Sigma 60mm f2,8 are mentioned yet.
    The 24mm Sony is a great lens but at that price it darned well better be. I find it amazing how much you get in cheap lenses like the 12mm samyang and especially the 60mm sigma
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