You know you're covered up with 'honey-do's' when this is all you have time for...

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    Oct 8, 2013
    I happened to notice the unmistakable shimmer of light on a spider web strand as the breeze was blowing a leaf back and forth.
    It was about 100' away...set the Canon FDn 400 on a bean bag at the kitchen window and dialed it in.
    Began watching and learning the rhythm of the leaf's swing.
    The spider web strand didn't catch sunlight every swing, just every now and then.
    So it was a chore to get the leaf in reasonable focus as it paused at the end of its swing and also catch the strand shimmering.
    Anyway, after grocery shopping, an oil & filter change, and a car wash...this is the photo highlight of my day !!

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