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Yet Another Squirrel (Eastern Chipmunk)


TalkEmount All-Pro
Mar 2, 2012
New England
Was at a friend's house playing bridge, and brought the camera as they have several bird feeders. Unfortunately, they were a bit out of range, even for the 55-210. I tried going outside to get closer, but kept scaring the birds off. I was able to get fairly close to a ground squirrel, or chipmunk, depending on what you call them where you live. Managed to get two shots off before he spooked...

20120519 Chipmunk 1.jpg
20120519 Chipmunk 2.jpg

I'm tempted to name this image, "Flying Squirrel", due to the fly on the chipmunk's back...

20120519 Chipmunk 1b.jpg

The camera was in Spot Meter mode from an earlier session, so I got two very different exposures. What impresses me is that the brighter shot was at 1/20th and the darker at 1/60th. With the lens at 210mm, that's damn good stabilization!

I will probably use the darker image, but bring up the exposure and such to get closer to the first image, but not lose the highlights. But I can't decide how best to crop this shot. Suggestions appreciated. I'm thinking either to put the chipmunk's eye on the top-left rule of thirds point, or to put the fly there.

20120519 Chipmunk 2a.jpg
20120519 Chipmunk 2b.jpg

The former keeps the shadow of the head in the shot, while the latter has the rock starting at the bottom right corner.


TalkEmount All-Pro
Feb 4, 2012
New Zealand
The SEL55-210 strikes again!! Man, I can't believe those shutter speeds creating shake-free images at 210mm. Love that fly riding bareback squirrel... :eek:

This forum never ceases to amaze me and the things that go on in here, lol! First we had a british invasion (of new members joining)... then now a squirrel invasion, haha! What next? :D


TalkEmount Veteran
Apr 22, 2012
Lincolnshire, England
Real Name
Hi DB,
that really is a great lens, I'm getting more impatient for my order to come into stock and you guys keep teasing me with all these excellent shots you've taken with it!:rolleyes:

Anyway, I prefer the crop in the second shot but that's just personal preference I guess.


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