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Wind, sand, rain and ice + a sealed Nikonos lens adapter??


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Sep 29, 2011
That's what I'm looking for!

One of my enduring memories of "the one that got away" is of a Lake Michigan beach with a water inlet on the right. We'd had an enormous storm which had closed off the mouth of the inlet with sand. The sun was setting on the left, the stream was finding its way to the lake in fresh, clear, beautiful curves through the dark wet sand and the beach stretched on and on ahead, it’s outlines and colors attenuated by a lovely atmospheric haze ~ it was perfection!

But, not wanting to risk ruining my pristine RD1 and its M-mount lenses, I had no camera with me on my walk! I’d left it back at the cottage ~ and the cottage wasn’t quite what I had in mind....

Been back many times since, but never to another scene like that...

So I don't want it to happen again and have thought about it a lot since. Now that the Nex-7 is so near, I think fitting it with a nice, underwater, 35mm Nikonos lens would make a wonderful foul weather friend! I've got the lens, with its super duper controls for zone focusing, and I understand there's someone on eBay who sells a Nikonos adapter.

But do any of you know if it's weather resistant? If not, do you know of one that is? To be perfectly honest, I'd be very surprised it there were any at all, but it'd surely be high on my wish list if there were.

In the meantime, though, there are always are those little ziplock baggies, aren’t there...?

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