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Who wants a ThinkTank Photo NEX Line of products!

Brian G. Coffey

New to TalkEmount
Sep 1, 2011
Hi everyone. I'm a ThinkTank Photo affiliate and wanted to get some feedback from the public and see if anyone would like to have ThinkTank Photo design some great products just for the NEX series of cameras? feel free to give me any feedback you want....


TalkEmount Regular
Aug 8, 2011
One of my coworkers uses a Retrospective 5 and she loves it, but I personally wanted a larger bag with plenty of room for a laptop so I went for the Urban Disguise 50 V2.0:

Urban Disguise 50 V2.0

It's a little big for just a single NEX body, but I usually carry either two m4/3 cameras, lenses and flashes or a m4/3 camera, lenses, and my NEX-3 with one or two lenses.

I also suspect I'll be glad to have the extra room in the bag when my NEX-7 gets here.


TalkEmount Rookie
Sep 6, 2011
It's been a year that I have my NEX-5 and I still havn't found a proper bag.
The bags I can find are way too big because designed for DSLRs or too small as they're meant for point and shoot cameras.
Recently I leaned towards the Domke F803 and the Retrospective 5, but I won't buy neither of them. The Domke doesn't have any small pockets to accomodate my small accessories (memory cards, batteries, remote...) and I found the Retrospective 5 too thick: I won't buy a bag wich can accomodate a DSLR as my little NEX would be lost in such a bag.

It's been a couple of years that the M4/3 cameras and a year for the NEX system have been released and we still can't find proper bags for them, that's crazy.

I just need a bag that doesn't look like a camera bag, where I can fit my NEX with a lens mounted and two other small lenses (what's the point having a NEX if it's to put zoom lenses on it?), some accessories (filters, batteries, memory cards...), my phone and some spare things, BUT I want that bag as thin as It could, just to accomodate a NEX and not a DSLR.

The Retrospective 5 seemed nice though, if it had been a tad thinner, I could have bought it.


TalkEmount Regular
Mar 28, 2012
Houston, TX
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Retrospective 5 could be a winner but I'd surely take a look at NEX or 4/3 specific products.

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