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Which NEX performs best in difficult lighting conditions?


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Sep 13, 2011
Almost any camera can shoot good photos in good lighting conditions. I have been using pocket F30 and F100 Finepix from Fuji with excellent results.
But when the darkness comes you need big sensors and fast lens. And when you have a brightly lit objects in the dark background you need great dynamic range. And when the objects are moving you can't do a series of shots and combine them, as the HDR or twilight modes do.

Try to shoot a building with a bright neon light at night. Either you see sharp neon but no building or you have a blurred neon with building.
Or a night parade with bright spot lights. This is much harder than shooting the moon, and much more common situation that people hanging out after dark have to deal with.
See some examples in my Photbucket album where a brightly lit white gown dancer is seem in front to a building (shoot with NEX-5, kit lens, handheld):

Is there any difference between different NEX in such situations? Are there better cameras for hard lightning conditions.
I hope that I have explained the difficulty better.


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