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What's you bag? Help me find mine...


TalkEmount Rookie
Sep 6, 2011
Hi everyone!
I'm having a hard time finding a proper bag for my little NEX :(
All the camera bags I can find are for DSLRs, so they're way too big for the NEX!

I'm looking for a bag where I can put my NEX-5 with a lens attached (Nokton 35mm 1.4) and two other small primes (one wide angle and a small tele), some accessories (batteries, memory cards, remote, filters...), a small tripod (like a gorillapod), my phone and a few more things (pen, notepad, geocaching stuff...).
I don't want a backpack nor a bag wich looks like a camera/video bag.
I would prefer a shoulder bag like a thin messenger bag but not too big: if it can accomodate a DSLR, it's no good for me :(

At a moment I considered the Domke F803 and the Retrospective 5 but the Domke doesn't have small pockets where I could put my accessories and the Retrospective 5 is too thick for me.

So at the moment the best soution, for me, will be to buy a small padded insert and put it in a regular canvas or leather messenger bag.

So maybe you could share your discoveries and maybe you've already found the ideal bag for the NEX...


TalkEmount Veteran
Aug 7, 2011
Jasper, Indiana
I usually only carry my NEX and two lenses with so I have found my Lowepro Exchange to be more than adequate. It may not be the most padded bag, but I added some inserts from some of my older bags to the bottom and sides and I feel my gear is protected. If your kit is bigger than mine then it may not be adequate but it is a light bag and fits against my body quite well so I never worry about it when I'm walking around in a crowd. It's not a perfect bag, and I'm not sure there is such a thing, but for the price I can highly recommend it.

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