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    ...and can't have.

    Call it a perfect lens. Of course there is no such thing as a perfect lens. Why do I want it? Mostly because I like keeping things simple and working with what I have. The perfect lens however would be a whole lot less work. BUT...I have yet to find one. I have a few that come close and my definition of "perfect" changes from time to time. There are however a few qualities that keep popping up.

    - I like that 40mm EFL so 28mm lenses tend to get my attention.
    - I love to get close so a lens that does close focus is always a good thing.
    - I like lenses to be at least f2.8 (faster is good)
    - I like smallish lenses because they fit on the NEX body better.

    Over the years I have had quite a few lenses that came close. None of them did everything I wanted but some have come close. The OM 28/3.5 was an absolutely terrific lens. It was tiny, sharp and you could get remarkably close with it. I liked it better than the OM 24/2.8 and at $30 it was an absolute steal.
    by kevin dixey, on Flickr

    My Komine made Vivitar 28/2 Close Focus was the reigning champ for about 4 years...but the super long throw focus made it a pain to use when I switched to using a Fuji (no flip down screen) and it hasn't made the starting lineup since.
    Mister Pissy
    by kevin dixey, on Flickr

    That Damp Snake
    by kevin dixey, on Flickr

    I had an MC Rokkor 24/2.8 for a while that was wonderful. It was also as heavy as a cannon ball.
    Son, Tho Art Silly
    by kevin dixey, on Flickr

    I replaced it with an MD 24/2.8 (sharper AND lighter) and I like it but the 36mm ELF is just a bit wide for my tastes.
    old neighborhood
    by kevin dixey, on Flickr

    The current king of the hill is my Nikon 28/2 AiS. I had originally set out to pick up the much loved 28/2.8 AiS but I stumbled on the 28/2 at the local camera store and got it for a great price.
    by kevin dixey, on Flickr

    by kevin dixey, on Flickr

    It's a terrific lens but it is pretty huge. So far the reigning champ has no challengers but based on the past few years that could change. I think the Vivitar might be looking for a rematch.
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    Wonderful samples from each. Definitely see why they were your favorites.
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    Agree! "Painterly" is an amazing photo!!!
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    Something that I have noticed is that the "best" lens is often different depending on what body I'm using. Sometimes the particular qualities of the lens work well with the qualities of the camera/sensor. my Konjca for instance seems be a particularly good match with the Fuji X-Trans sensor. Sometimes it's the way the lens works physically like how the long throw focus of my Vivtar 28/2 works a lot better with a camera that has a flip down screen because of the way you hold the camera and lens when shooting from the hip or waist.
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    Kevin, the last 2 pics from the 28/2 AiS are beautiful. :thumbup:
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    Jun 18, 2012
    Thanks, I really love what that lens can do. There is just something about 28mm lenses on an APS-S sensor camera that I really like. If I wasn't careful I'd have dozens of them.
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