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Discussion in 'Image Processing' started by cybertron, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. cybertron

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    Dec 29, 2012
    Michael Widegren

    I just wanted to know how you are doing backup, right now i am shooting jpeg only. But i have been shooting raw as well, but how donyou save it for backup?

    I used to save raw in one folder and an exported jpeg in another folder strucutre. to be able to search/find/print upload or whatever needed to be done with the pic.
    The problem with this is that it takes up twice the space (atleast)

    But how do you do it?
  2. roundball

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    Oct 8, 2013
    Not sure if you're asking about "file storage" or "backing up files after you've initially stored them" ?
  3. cybertron

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    Dec 29, 2012
    Michael Widegren
    Well. The first thing everyone does is import the files to a program. In my case my macbook air with quite little storage.
    So i go through my images marking tge ones i want and do my pp, then export the files to flickr (for online backup) the export to my nas the raw in one folder and the jpegs in another. Then i erase all files from my macbook air after a month or so.

    I am asking if others do it differently, especially when shooting just raw. Do you save raw and a jpeg or just the raw?
  4. roundball

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    Oct 8, 2013
    I don't use any sort of online storage...I store everything on my PC, make a full backup every 2 weeks, and store the backup hard drive in a fireproof gun safe that I already had.
    Your situation is different with limited storage on an iPad with no internal hard drive...but large capacity external USB flash drives and/or hard drives have become pretty inexpensive now days.
    If it was me, that's the approach I would personally choose...I want everything under MY control, not some 'cloud" storage place that then "owns" me...LOL.
  5. WNG

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    Aug 12, 2014
    Arrid Zone-A, USA
    I don't think there is one defacto method, as everyone's needs, resources, situation, priorities, etc. differ.

    If there is one bit of advice I can convey, is that off-site storage is a MUST. You can't foresee the unexpected.
    It should be incorporated into your backup routine somehow, and sooner the better.
    Triple redundancy has proven to work best for me. And off-site storage is the third portion of the triangle. Like the shape, it provides robust security.

    Fire and theft are the main concerns we anticipate. But one shouldn't excuse the human factor, whether accidental or deliberate. In my case it was heinously deliberate and premeditated. A hard lesson.

    But before this becomes a debate going off on a tangent...back to your question.

    I shoot both RAW & JPEG. And I prefer to keep both versions in the same directory. I find it works best for me, if multi-renaming, moving, storing, searching. I use a viewer that can ignore particular file types when viewing jpegs and doing simple adjustments. So, the ARW files aren't tossed in unless I want to.

    Given my current situation, I use a laptop as my desktop, with external monitor and I/O. I have 1 TB of storage.
    Flash card directories are copied to a temporary work directory. I don't delete the SD card, it serves as temporary backup, and I rotate another SD card into the camera.

    I have several USB external drives attached. One is a 500GB 2.5" unit that's on whenever the laptop is. After the files are copied, I start a backup app profile that mirrors the directory onto the 2.5" USB drive. It's set to mirror the directory daily at 5am.
    If the photos are mucho important, I switch on a 3 TB 3.5" USB I use as my photo backup, and run a profile for backup instead of mirroring the temp directory. Otherwise it stays off.

    In the temp workspace, I do my reviews, deletes, tweaks, edits and renaming. I can run the mirror profile at anytime if I'm concerned I need immediate copying of my finished work. But it will do so nightly.
    Once a series is finished, JPEG keepers are uploaded to Flickr as off-site archive and for sharing.
    That sub-directory of finished edits is moved to my photos directory on the laptop where its organized by date and description.
    I start the 3.5" dedicated photo drive up, run another backup profile that copies this photo directory. Once that completes, a mirror profile is run on the Temp directory backup to remove duplicates.
    Finally, RAW files are deleted from the laptop's photo directory, since space is a premium. At this time, I only keep one archive of the RAW files, and triples of the JPEG versions.
    After a 24 hour period, I know it's safe to format the rotated SD cards. This routine gives me as much redundancy in case I do some stupid sh!t and delete files I didn't mean to.

    Ideally, a mirroring of the external archiving drives off-site would offer better security. Even setting up a NAS box in a detached garage is a plus. If you can convince a family member or close friend to secure a VPN connection, a NAS remotely can accept encrypted nightly backups. You can offer to reciprocate the service in return.

    Most of this is automated by an app called Syncback for Windows that I've been happy with for years. It's freeware, but there are numerous such backup apps out there that are very good for MacOS and Windows.

    Probably more info than you wanted. But it is a topic that resonates personally.
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  6. cybertron

    cybertron TalkEmount Regular

    Dec 29, 2012
    Michael Widegren
    Thanks. That is exactly what i wanted to read. Thanks alot for explaining your backup method.

    I agree completly with your technique
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