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What are the benefits of the NEX System?

Discussion in 'Sony Alpha E-Mount Cameras' started by Geoff Dick, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Geoff Dick

    Geoff Dick New to TalkEmount

    Aug 21, 2011
    Jasper, AB
    As I am currently a Nikon DSLR user, I sometimes find myself in situations where the behemoth size and weight of a DSLR has the possibility of ruining the moment. So lately I've been looking into some smalled, more portable systems such as the NEX to complement my more professional kit. So, what are the benefits of the NEX system over other mirrorless systems as well as professional compacts such as the Fujifilm X100?
  2. Travisennis

    Travisennis TalkEmount Veteran

    Aug 7, 2011
    Jasper, Indiana
    Hi, Geoff. First off, welcome to the forum. To answer your question, I would say the benefits of the NEX are many, but it will depend on what you are looking for in a camera. In comparison to the X100, the NEX gives you interchangeable lenses. With m4/3, in my opinion, it is a much better sensor with improved high ISO capability, better dynamic range, and a larger sensor. With Samsung's NX system I would say Sony still has the better sensor even they both are APS-C sensors. Now, Ricoh's GXR is an interesting alternative but I like interchangeable lens better than their lensors, although their new M-mount module is certainly compelling.

    To balance the discussion, Samsung's NX and the m4/3 system have a much better range of native lenses and the X100 seems to be the kind of camera that, if it meets your needs, seems to make its users fall in love with it. It has a certain unique charm.

    I chose the NEX for its amazing sensor, focus peeking, and the fact that my legacy lenses benefited from the 1.5x crop factor. Its small size and flip-up rear LCD were nice bonuses. I've been happy with my choice and would recommend a NEX.
  3. Bugleone

    Bugleone TalkEmount Veteran

    Aug 21, 2011
    The fascinating thing about the NEX models is that they offer very different benefits to different users in a way not encountered with many other cameras. Thus, one can take what one wants from their currently unique design.

    Personally, I have waited for about six years to see a digital camera that offered what I was looking for. Up until quite recent times one could spend a fortune on a digital medium format back for existing pro system,....use a small 'digicam',..or, go with the masses and aquire a DSLR along with specific lenses.

    The problem for me is that I greatly dislike DSLR's,....too bulky, expensive, over designed, intimidating and lens specific...... And, these were just the main things!

    The NEX 3 is NOT the ultimate camera, but when I recently made my choice it WAS half the price of a comparably sensored DSLR with a fraction of the size and the ability to fit more or less ANY lens by means of cheap adaptors from ebay etc etc.

    Some of the criticism levelled at Sony/NEX jsut does not apply to me,...for example the lack of lenses holds no concern as I am only going to use the 18 to 55mm from the Sony E range. The worst thing about NEX is it's Sony 'daddy' and I have absolutely NO intention of spending any real money on any other Sony products especially lenses because IF the body fails at two years in and Sony does its usual and denies any responsibility or claims it to be too expensive to repair then I have only wasted my initial purchase and can take all my glass apart from the 18 to 55 and change to another, probably by then superior, maker.......
  4. Melv

    Melv TalkEmount Regular

    Aug 13, 2011
    Rotherham, U.K.
    I agree with the above comments; I have a D200 c/w 16-85m DX lens upstairs just "gathering dust", I haven't used it in over 6 months or so. My main concern with the D200/delight with the NEX-5 is the weight issue, the NEX-5 is so much lighter and easier on the shoulder to carry about compared with the aforesaid Nikon combo. I have no real concerns about image quality either.
  5. navinmahabir

    navinmahabir New to TalkEmount

    A couple years ago I got tired of lugging around my heavy Nikon system and traded out for a lighter Olympus 4/3 system. For the type of photography I was doing (mostly travel), it was a great choice. As I started looking for a replacement or upgrade, I thought I would go with m4/3 but decided I would try (read: buy from somewhere with an agreeable return policy) out a Nex 3 with the zoom kit mainly for aesthetic reasons. Here's why I've stuck with it and even gotten the 16mm lens, too.

    * it's small and light
    * the flip up screen makes it incredible useful for being unobtrusive, for street photography, for photographing kids and animals
    * the sensor is great in low light. It might seem comparable to m4/3 at iso 1600 but knock it up to 3200 and it wins, in my opinion. Sony builds the sensors in many (if not all) Nikon cameras, so the results are similar to highly rated Nikons.
    * video quality is good and allows enough customization of lighting and exposure parameters in-camera to allow one to be fairly creative
    * the Nex lenses are already proving to be affordable and of high quality. In the modern age where digital cameras and systems are as replaceable as computers, if you decide to replace or upgrade in a couple years, you won't be out too much.
    * there are weaknesses to the system, but it seems like many of those are being addressed in the system roadmap.
    * one big thing a lot of people seem to forget is that it is still really hard to get shallow depth of field on any 4/3rds system. The APS-C sensor size of the Nex system allows shallow DoF even with the kit lens.
  6. Jim Nichols

    Jim Nichols New to TalkEmount

    Aug 22, 2011
    Just found this thread after I started a similar one. looks like I found some great answers here. Thanks!
  7. ianinbc

    ianinbc New to TalkEmount

    Aug 30, 2011
    The things about NEX cameras that really caught my interest were the way the screen can be viewed vertically TLR style (useful in a variety situations), focus peaking, and the latest premium offerings (NEX-7 and Zeiss 24mm). I hope they keep them coming. I *loved* my A700 (still regret having to sell that one), but after using m43 for the past while I find it hard to go back to the size of a DSLR. I personally don't like the SLR styled m43 bodies but I do like viewfinders (just not clip-on variety) and I prefer the 1.5x crop of the NEX to the 2x crop of m43 (APS-C is big enough to still be useful with the lenses I want to adapt, 4/3 sensors not so much), so the NEX-7 looks very tempting.
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