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Welcome from New Zealand...


TalkEmount All-Pro
Feb 4, 2012
New Zealand
Hello from New Zealand...

My first post :)

I lost interest in photography around about the same time when film disappeared and the digital age ushered in the pixel. Although I used various digital compacts and entry level DSLRs since, I only used those when I needed to (for family gatherings and some work related product photography)... but the thrill was well and truly gone. I think it may have something to do with substantial mechanical and optical excellence taking the back seat to the dinky-wobbly feel of plastics, perhaps.

Just before Christmas, I spotted the Sony NEX-5N - quite by accident... hmmmmm, metal body, metal lenses, mirrorless rangefinder configuration! After a bit of research, I eventually bought the twin lens kit (16mm prime & 18-55mm zoom) because I like the way it feels and the even the way it sounds. The bonus of course is that it takes incredibly good photos! It seems that many other people also feel the same way about this camera.

I may not have as much time for this rekindled hobby of mine this time around, but the Sony NEX-5N has somehow brought back a measure of passion and much of what I used to love about photography!


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