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    Weddings - the amateur photographers nightmare!

    I don't know about you, but as someone known to take photos I am often asked in a kind of I 'hope you will be' way;
    "Will you be bringing your camera?" by friends/family inviting me to their wedding.
    The problem is, they will already have hired a pro to capture the day, so no point in me doing it in the same way, and plus, to be honest, I'd rather socialise with the various people I haven't maybe seen for a while!

    Well I've found the solution - time-lapse!! They get something cool out of it, and I still get to talk to people in between resetting the camera!

    I've done two weddings now, and neither time did I tell the happy couple what I was doing, just posted the final result set to the first dance on their Facebook the next day. Needless to say it's been a nice surprise for them.

    So thought I'd share here. All are shot using the Time-lapse app saving stills, I then render with Photoshop and final cut in iMovie for ease. Both times I've forgotten to pre-set the A6000 to 16:9 so I also have to batch crop with Photoshop before the render which is a pain - won't be forgetting that next time!

    The first one was from April, and as it happens another friend was doing the classic run round taking all the same shots as the pro, so I stole his pics to include with the time-lapse footage and pad it out, as with it being my first time doing it I didn't get a whole lot of footage.
    In this one everything is 5sec interval.

    This second one was just yesterday, and learning from the first time, I kept the 5sec interval (except the first dance which was 1sec), and did 300 shots in each location (25 mins), which works out at 20 seconds of footage when rendered at 15 frames/second. I managed to get 6x locations (on one battery) which pads out to ~2 mins footage. So next time, I'll be taking the GoPro and doing similar so I end up with enough to cover a whole first dance song - I'll use the GoPro for 6x wide shots, and the A6000+SEL35F18 for the more 'arty' ones.

    If you saw my drone thread, it also has a time-lapse mode, and a 20 min flight time - it also happens to be very good at hovering in one spot if you just put the controller down. So I'm thinking I might also take it and get one aerial angle which would be pretty neat! I'm just a bit concerned about the swarm of wasps sound it makes being a bit off-putting - but it would only be for 20 mins and I think well worth it. I think I might have to ask permission of the couple though just to be sure they don't mind!

    Anyway, it's been fun to do, and as mentioned the happy couples have loved it, as have all their guests. Comments always welcome, if you have any suggestions of how I can do this quicker/simpler that would be good as at the moment it's a full day of work (in between dog walks etc!) from SD card download to posting the final result.
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    This really is a great idea and I different aspect as you say from just following the pro around. Bet they are still thanking you for this :) .
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