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    I´m not sure if this is the correct sub-forum to post this, so mods feel free to change it if you feel like it.

    Ok guys, so I´ve shot my first paid wedding last weekend (as a videographer) and I´ve got my mind set on shooting weddings on a more regular basis. While I look for another photographer with a similar style and objectives to partner up with, I want to go over gear to check if there is something missing or too much of:

    - Sony A7 (if the A7S ends up costing us$1800 I´ll replace my A7)
    - Sony A6000

    - Flash
    - 8 batteries (the A7 eats up battery, so I´m not sure if this is enough)
    - A7 Grip (does anyone know if it will work on the A7S?)
    - Shock and water proof sd card case
    - Cleaning kit
    - Portable tripod (I have an amazing mefoto that I love to death)

    AF lenses (sadly Sony doesn´t have many fast primes or zooms)
    FE 70-200 f4
    FE 55mm f1.8
    35mm f2.8
    FE 16-35 f4 (when it comes out)

    I was thinking of taking some manual lenses as backup if one of the AF lenses breaks, but since I plan to ALWAYS shoot weddings with another photographer, it may be overkill:
    Canon FD 24-40mm f2.8 (f2.0)
    Canon FD 50mm f1.4
    Pentax 85mm f2.0

    If I take the manual lenses too I would need a big bag to be able to carry everything .

    So, what do you guys think?
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