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Showcase Voigtlander Nokton SC 40mm 1.4

C Wadsworth

TalkEmount Regular
Aug 31, 2011
Really enjoying the Nokton 40mm 1.4 for B/W images...we are doing some remodeling and took these of the crew preparing the foundation support. Don't think they ever had a gringo taking pictures of them while they worked.



TalkEmount Top Veteran
Aug 7, 2011
This thread was started a year ago. It needs an update!

I don't know that the NEX system is my final resting spot, but the 5n + CV40 is exactly what I want -- contrasty, slightly over saturated, a little dreamy at the edges but sharp in the center.

I applied some level adjustments in LR4 (basically move the tone curve from linear to S shaped). Often shot with an ND8. Love the bokeh on this lens, too!


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