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    This lens has intrigued me for sometime now and I picked one up a few weeks ago. I haven't had a lot of time lately but I wanted to share a few images. This lens gets some so-so reviews from the usual haunt of leica reviewers, primarily because of the odd focal distance and the difficulties with certain range finder compatibility issues. But Ive been looking at these m-mount lenses to shoot with the Sony a7 because of the size and quality you can get. Plus I love the vintage glass feel to the photos you get with them. This is by no means a technical write up, just my impressions and a few sample images.

    The first experience I want to share is the minimum focus distance. Its quite long, though advertised as .7m, it feels more like .9m. So using a helicoid adapter is probably a necessity in my opinion. I have had 2. The first one was the hawk's factory but at over $200 shipped I returned it for a cheaper $40 version. however in hind-site the Hawk's Factory version was better made and had a much tighter tolerance. The cheaper one has play in the helicoid portion of the mount. Those of you looking to use this lens for landscapes may want to invest the money in a good one. I would bet the Hawk would stand up to the Voightlander branded version. It has a nice locking pin when in the neutral position which is a nice 'piece of mind' when you don't need it to be engaged and it was very tight overall.

    Here is an example at the closest focus with the helicoid adapter engaged and not engaged, shooting my messy desk ;)  These were done with the Hawks helicoid adapter - f1.4 @ ISO 400



    Here is the 100% crop:


    CA is pretty heavy at 1.4 but easily corrected. Also there is a little bloom in high contrast light wide open so I usually shoot f1.8 to 3.5 for the best results and I am ok with that. The DOF is plenty thin and I happen to like the bokeh this lens produces. This is the MC version and it definitely gives a unique classic look I was looking for.

    Closest Focus no-helicoid, low light, @ 1.4

    Daylight no-helicoid, shadow - I like to shoot this type of shot to judge DOF and sharpness. @ 1.4 or 1.8. Looking at the bokeh i think I may have clicked it a 1/2 stop down. :-S

    Full Crop

    Daylight @ 1.8 - You can see the vignetting is still visible at this aperture.

    Daylight/Shadow @2.0 I pushed the vignetting on this to enhance the look. Hard to get away from it.
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