Showcase Vivitar (Kiron) 24mm f:2.0 lens on NEX-6

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    In the days of manual focus film cameras, the Vivitar name was put on lenses designed and made by at least a half-dozen different companies, and the prevailing opinion was that there was a lot of variation between the companies in the performance of their products. Conveniently for photographers, the first two digits of the lens serial number identified the manufacturer, and the prevailing wisdom was that lenses with serial numbers starting with 22 were excellent. These lenses were made by a Japanese company called Kino Precision, which also sold its lenses under its own label of Kiron.

    Some years ago I picked up a 24mm f:2.0 Vivitar lens in M42 mount that had a Kino Precision serial number, for the purpose of using it on my Minolta Maxxum camera. For the last couple of days I have been playing with this lens on my NEX-6, thanks to a M42-NEX adapter. Here are three shots taken with that lens. When looking at the first shot as a full-screen image, it was clear that there was some barrel distortion, but it only took about 20 seconds to correct that in Lightroom - at least to a degree that satisfied ME. YMMV, of course.

    The second and third images were taken today at a local coastal-wetlands nature preserve.

    As is obvious in the second image, I was there at - or near - low tide.

    Vivitar 24mm-601305.jpg

    Vivitar 24mm-601342.jpg

    Vivitar 24mm-601344.jpg