Virginia Tech vs ECU Football

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    I was down at VT last weekend with my son to check out the school. We had the opportunity to also go to the VaTech vs. Eastern Carolina U football game in the gorgeous Lane Stadium. ECU went up big in the first half but VT tied it up late in the second half only to see ECU win in the last seconds. Very entertaining and the crowd and atmosphere was electric.

    I brought my NEX-7 and two lenses into the game. The Rokinon 8mm 2.8 fisheye and the Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm 1.4.



    Our seats where down low in the visitors endzone but I spent the first half standing on the first level to get some shots of the stadium.


    They just installed a new scoreboard this year which was beautiful.


    A few action shots...



    this Hokie fan was a bit concerned after VT went down 21-0.


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    I spent the second half in my seat. This was my view ( I took a low angle shot to get in the clouds ).


    Another football shot...


    The ECU cheerleaders were right in front of me, so close I could hear their conversations. Naturally, my attention as well as the camera's was drawn to their cheers and stunts.



    I was also right next to the ECU marching band...


    My wife wanted to know why I took so many pictures of the cheerleaders. "Part of my growth as a photographer" I answered. It was challenging and fun shooting them in full manual mode with the Rokkor.




    We were routing hard for VT, especially during the comeback - but it was not to be. ECU came to play and VT made too many mistakes. Although it rained most of the weekend, the game was mostly dry but overcast. I didn't get a chance to shoot the campus but it is beautiful. Maybe next time. :)

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    Jul 3, 2013
    Very nice job specially some like the last 3 :D
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    Well done, nice and crisp.

    I am sure your wife bought the "Part of my growth as a photographer.":p
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    Oh yes...I'm sure she felt satisfied with THAT answer.....LOL

    Some really nice shots there, thanks !
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