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Nov 25, 2012
Viera, Florida, USA
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(I copied Tony-b's post on the Nikon Cafe and changed the names):

Tony-b and I recently met on the Nikon Cafe and then in person. Strangely, we are 5 minutes from each other but our paths never crossed except here. We started talking about how many other Nikon Cafe/Talk E-Mount members are in the Space Coast area and those who travel here for the bird, wildlife and landscapes. That got us thinking that maybe a Viera/Merritt Island/Space Coast meet-up would be fun. We're thinking of dates between March to mid-April when the weather is most likely to cooperate.

Suggestions for places, and feel free to add to this:
  • Viera wetlands
  • Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and Black Point Trail
  • Cocoa Beach (ocean sunrise, Cocoa Beach Pier, Ron Jon, downtown)
  • Possibly coordinate the date with a rocket launch, evening launch preferable
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Sebastian Inlet for surfers, beach and Pelican Island
With that in mind, anyone interested? You can follow the thread there as well.

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