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    Jul 18, 2015
    Renaat Ceulenare
    VARIABLE ND filter test for sony G 28-135mm. We found this filter in China, where we live. Very surprised to found a factory producing for Hasselblad and Zeiss and happily surprised of the quality.

    Some more tests on request of vimeo. Here conclusions:

    ND range:
    it starts at -2.5 stops with the filter. This pleases me much, especially for the Sony A7S
    B+W starts at - 1 stop what is absolutely not usable for the Sony
    Filter mounted: I have a range of 3.6 stops what is enough, more could be better with the risk of issues. Range without filter to max ND is 6.1 stop what is not bad at all. In my rig with matte box I use a fix Schneider MPTV IR ND6 what cover mostly all my work.
    To reach a - ND6 without any artifacts is for me crucial.
    Recording with the A7s and FS7 gives you enough latitude to get the right exposure, especially as I generally use Cine 4, color cinema, saturation -4, detail -4


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