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    Following on from my Kyrgyzstan thread, here's a load of photos from Uzbekistan. After a day in Kazakhstan in transit we crossed the (tightly controlled) border into Uzbekistan. Some of the photos featured here are from the project phase of the expedition in which we stayed at a home and helped dig irrigation channels with the local people and even did a few english and maths lessons with the children as well as a lot of fun and games. The other photos are from a desert Yurt camp which we stayed in for one night, and even got around to some camel trekking whilst we were there. Please enjoy the photos!



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    Climbing into the bread oven...




    Think that's probably enough for one post. Much more to come tomorrow!
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    Nice series
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    Very nice photos with interesting framing.
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    Very nice glimpse into a part of the world I will never get to visit. Thanks for posting these up. :)
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    Your pictures are bringing back many fond (and not so fond) memories, bmg123. Love the motorbike photo, and the wood-fired pan of plov (of which I had enough for two lifetimes ;)). Did you make it out to Khiva as well? Central Asia is certainly a place unlike any other on the planet, isn't it?
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    It certainly is. Well spotted, it was Plov with a bit of goat in I think (I too had quite a bit of that, although the meals on the entire trip were actually pretty varied). Didn't make it to Khiva, had limited time so we spent 1 day in Bukhara and 2 and a bit days in Samarquand, after which we went back to Tashkent and then subsequently to Moscow for a connecting flight home! The project was in the Nuratau mountains area.
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    Nice post, some great images.

    There are so many countries I have never been to.
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