User Enabled Turbo Boost for Mac - Speed up Post Processing!


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Aug 16, 2014
Los Angeles, USA
*Cross post from Nikon Cafe!

I recently installed this app from here on both my Mac Mini and MacBook Air:

Turbo Boost Switcher for OSX / macOS

The Mac OS automatically controls how your CPU throttles it's speed. This app lets the user remove the training wheels! As long as you have a Turbo Boost capable CPU on your Mac, you can use this app. I have both a dual core i7 and a quad core i7 and the difference seems quite noticeable with more cores.

In terms of performance I've timed anywhere from 3-5 seconds shaved off from doing raw-to-jpeg conversions using Camera Raw into Photoshop! Doing the math at minimum: Saving 3 seconds from a batch edit of 100 photos equals 5 minutes of saved time! Try it out!

BTW - I also recommend downloading this fan control software to monitor your temps and fan speed: smcFanControl for Mac | MacUpdate

* One more note: If you're on a Mac laptop, I'd recommend turning it off when not photo editing to maximize battery life. Get the best of both worlds!
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