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Discussion in 'Sony Alpha E-Mount Cameras' started by dixeyk, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. kevistopheles

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    Jun 18, 2012
    I don't have it. I've had it many time before but something happened recently and I don't have it anymore. I'm not sure it'll come back. It might, but then again it might not. So what exactly happened? I spent the Summer (well most of it) taking pictures. I split time between my Panasonic GX1 and my NEX. I took one or the other with me every day and took the time to make images.

    They're HERE if anyone is interested. They're clearly marked what camera+lens combo I used.

    FWIW I find each system more than capable of meeting my needs. I'd be happy with either and am happy with both. This exercise has really made me realize that constant wanting of new gear only takes time away from using the gear I have...and I'm happier with the images that I have ever been with a particular camera or lens purchase.
  2. quezra

    quezra TalkEmount Top Veteran

    Aug 22, 2012
    I've had perpetual upgrade fever with all my "core" gadgets - phone, tablet, laptop, and now camera. My main one now is lenses - I just ordered the cheap Fujian CCTV 35/1.7 for $30, and I'll make a decision on either the Sony 35/1.8 or 50/1.8 once the 35 is out and reviewed (plus after practice with my Fujian - which nicely scratched my lens itch for now).

    But I haven't changed any of my other gadgets in nearly 2 years because I've learned to ask "how much difference will it really make to what I have now?" and "will I be itching again in 3 months?" The big problem now is those gadgets are now all closing to 2 years old when I last had the itch and I genuinely need to change them and catch the Windows 8/touchscreen tablet-laptop wave). So here I'm now trying to plan out the various launch dates against the likelihood my stuff will crash irreversibly to save my wallet
  3. nianys

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    Aug 23, 2012
    Hey there !

    well, I do have not "upgrade" fever, but "change" fever. I don't know how much of an upgrade the 5N would be to my GX-1, I have a hunch it will be better in some areas, and not so good in some others, but I just feel the urge to try one !!
    I have some anxiety about that move as well... I've felt limited by the m4/3 sensor size from day one (ex FF shooter) and going back to using the best (or close) of what APS-C has to offer is reassuring. OTOH, the GX-1 with assorted lenses is a real "system" that covers almost all needs and performs great, so it's a little scary to move away from that. Basically my decision on which system to keep will probably depend on the IQ/Usability ratio of the body+kit lens combo (knowing I use the great 14-45 on the GX-1). That covers the vacation/trips side of things. For my portraiture/artsy stuff, the GX-1+PL25 was my weapon of choice, let's see how the 5N+Sigma30 performs, will be using a lot of manual glass as well (1st motive to get the NEX in the 1st place), and later on either the 50/1.8 or upcoming 35/1.8...
  4. New2Nex

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    Sep 4, 2012
    I totally have it....so much so that I put my "old" camera up for sale on ebay after having it for just 5 months. I really didn't like it AT ALL, and after doing some cursory research on the internet, I stumbled upon the Sony Nex'es. They look fabulous!!! I'm now waiting for my 5R to arrive in mid-October. The wait is killing me. :) I'm loving everything that I'm reading about the NEX cameras. Wish I could have afforded a 7, but that's not in the budget right now.
  5. oylo

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    Aug 16, 2012
    I like the feeling I have when I'm waiting for something new. Studying news and have something going on all the time. I just have to make sure to enjoy the present and what I have while I have it!
    My great joy is technological gadgets and what I can use it to. Photography has followed me since I was a child and we had our own darkroom.
    Within the field of photography, there is always something new!
  6. quezra

    quezra TalkEmount Top Veteran

    Aug 22, 2012
    Last night, I had my first ever camera dream. For some reason my daughter was playing with my nex-5 and bent the lens (apparently it was a compact powerzoom lens but anyway...). I was about to get mad because it looked like she'd broken the lens, but when I tried to fix it back, I noticed she'd opened up a compartment between the mount and body that I'd never noticed before. Inside were 3 semi-circular dials around the barrel of the lens, with the buttons very clearly marked MF, AF, DMF on the left, manual aperture control in the middle, and shutter speed on the right. I about died. Then I woke up.

    Yeah, so upgrade fever, totally immune to that yeah. :D
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