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    I only ever got into this photography thing to get better memories. I wasn't interested in it for "Art" or as a general hobby, although it has developed a bit since then.

    If the weather is rough, we do a lot of fell walking, I often take bracketed pictures in jpg and and if they are too dull or bland, I merge them on a PC to get more detail, not usually the "painterly" thing, just to get a better picture I can identify with.

    This is done on a linux PC with Luminance HDR, and it is tweaked up a lot because it was soooooo dull. Although the general colours are as I remember.
    NEX 3N and kit lens

    anyhow, it's an underpass under a road and it connects Tullie House Museum to the Castle in Carlisle Cumbria, UK.


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    Ad Dieleman
    Very nice!
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    Nice work!
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