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Unbranded (Chinese) Wood Handgrip for Sony a7C


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Mar 24, 2018
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This is a review for anyone interested in this product (or similar ones as there are multiple ones advertised on AliExpress):

The specific product is this one: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001857334285.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.63024c4dOgao9r

As I appreciate the compactness of the Sony a7C with some lenses it can be a bit uncomfortable to hold stable, lenses weigh more than 400 grams or longer than 7 cm, as it makes it more front heavy. This grip adds a few cm in the front of the grip for extra purchase on the grip and a little bit of height for my little pinky to rest on instead of sit under the camera:
SM-G781B    ---            

SM-G781B    ---            

The grip is attached (by two hex screws at the bottom which can be unscrewed if you want only the bottom part or work on the wood itself) at the bottom and extends the bottom without interfering with the back screen tilt and swivel mechanism and the battery door. The middle of the camera has two holes from mounting tripod or plates to it and I am happy it has 2 locations where you can move it to the middle or more to the back of the camera. Next to it is a big screw that attaches to the camera tripod mount and it fits coins for locking as well as a hex key for more secure mounting.

SM-G781B    ---            

There is a simple and quite ingenious mechanism where you swivel up a small door that makes room for the camera batter door to fully open, and it can be disassembled as well if you don't want it (it leaves a gap where the battery door opens) by unscrewing a hex screw.

SM-G781B    ---            

The extra height of the grip fits perfectly with the dimension of a lens hood, making the camera sit flat on surfaces. Note that on the left side of the camera the connector door does not interfere and it opens easily.

Now to the issue I had with this grip:
SM-G781B    ---            

With the grip on my fingers would not fit between the grip and the lens troat IF the lens was thick enough, for example with the Tamron 28-200mm f 2.8-5.6. The picture above shows after I applied a fix as I forgot to make a picture before I attempt the fix. This is not an issue IF the lens is not larger then the mount of the camera as there is more room for the fingers there, example bellow:
SM-G781B    ---            

The issue is that the grip is symmetrical and quite thick and it leaves less room for the fingers:
SM-G781B    ---            

In this picture, you can note how much of the wood I have to shave off to make more room for the fingers, about 1 cm in the corner towards the camera.

SM-G781B    ---            

It did have to be from the entire length of the grip, as you can note on the bottom part I left it as it was because the lens diameter does not affect the finger space as it is in the middle section. What I did is use sandpaper and ground it down (very slowly since I didn't have anything more efficient to do this) until there was enough room for my fingers, mounting it on the camera to make sure it's comfortable enough. The wood is advertised as mahogany (I am not an expert so I can't say if it is or not) and it was soft and easy enough to sand it down (took me about 2 hours and a half) and I did not get any sharp edges or wood scraps. I haven't coated the wood afterward and I was thinking about it but it may make it too slippery to do so.

SM-G781B    ---            

I do love the look of it and I am thinking of adding one of those wood shutter button tops, they are not cheap for whatever reason, to fit with the cameras. I would add the hot-shoe covers made of wood too but it's permanently covered when I want to use the extra eye-cup for the viewfinder (this is Sony's fault for not giving the EVF a changeable eye-cup for it). Other accessories are also a thumb holder to add a bit more extra grip for the camera but it uses the hot-shoe to fit on the camera, so only one accessory at a time is a bit frustrating.

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