Two small additions I'd like to see.


TalkEmount Regular
I would love to see a "my threads" link at the top of Talknex and I would likewise be happy if you added a link to your mu 4/3 site at the top here and a link to Talknex at the top of mu 4/3 to make it easy to jump between sites.

Just a humble suggestion.

Thanks for the great sites!

Amin Sabet

"My Threads" will only work if you have your subscription settings set to automatically subscribe to threads, which up until now has not been the default although I just changed it to that for new members going forward. You can edit that setting here:

Setting "Default Thread Subscription Mode" to "Through my control panel only" should do the trick. From that point on, you will be "subscribed" to threads which you participate in. Then to view your threads, click on "Quick Links" at the top and choose "Subscribed Threads" from the drop down menu.