Transitioning back to a NEX from Fuji

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    Jun 18, 2012
    It has been harder than I thought it would be. I had a difficult time making the jump to the Fuji and I figured coming back to a system that I knew so well would be a snap but it hasn't been the case. I had to significantly alter my workflow when I switched to Fuji to accommodate the X-Trans sensor RAW and coming back to Sony I need to alter that process again.

    The NEX 6 EVF is larger, sharper and less laggy than the one in my XE1 but the Fuji EVF is a lot brighter. Even with the brightness all the way up the NEX viewfinder seems a bit dim by comparison. Something I did to help fix the situation is to get rid of the big hard plastic EVF hood thingamajig. I wear glasses and it just got in the way. Without it the EVF feels absolutely enormous.

    The NEX UI seems a bit slow. I find this a bit odd since the NEX is considerably faster than the Fuji in general operation but the certain aspects of the NEX UI are downright sluggish (like formatting the SD card). It's not terrible but it is noticeable.

    Probably the most surprising thing I have found is with regards to the images. I have thought that the Fuji images were a little better than the images from the NEX and I was okay because I was moving back to the NEX for the better focus peaking and flip up screen (which are necessary for my using adapted lenses). Last night I did some side by side shots with the Fuji and the NEX and found that my assumption that the images were better on the Fuji is not accurate. They're both outstanding but in good light the NEX images seem to have a tiny bit more detail. The Fuji does a better job controlling noise as the light fades but even then I wouldn't say that it's better, only different. In the end they images are so close that I think you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.

    I did however learn something that I need to change about my workflow. I use C1 and often do conversion to BW in Tonality Pro or Silver Efex Pro. C1 saves the variant that goes to the external apps as either JPEG or TIFF. Using JPEG produces artifacts on a NEX RAW file where it does not on a Fuji RAW file. I suspect it has to do with the Sony RAW files having some sort of compression in them to begin with. Of course switching to TIFF fixes the problem.

    I'm slowly getting the hang of shooting the NEX again and trying to maximize what the NEX does well rather than pine for something the other camera did.
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