Showcase Tokina 70-210 f:4-5.6 AF on NEX6

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    Jan 26, 2013
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    At the playground again today with my middle grandson and my NEX-6. On this occasion, I had an auto-focus Tokina 70-210mm zoom installed - essentially due to curiosity. I already have both manual-focus and auto-focus 70-210mm Minolta lenses with which I am quite satisfied, but the Tokina came in a "package" of used camera and lenses that I had bought for an attractive price just to get the other lens.

    The Tokina is a relatively small lens for a 70-210 zoom, so I decided to try it out on the NEX-6 with a LA-EA2 adapter for some casual snapshots, just out of curiosity. My conclusion: It's not going to replace my other lenses, but it still helped to provide an entertaining afternoon. Attached below are a couple of the shots taken today with it.

    - Tom -


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    Oct 11, 2012
    Nice shots ;)