Thought my Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker had left for her northern breeding grounds

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    Oct 8, 2013
    When I was topping off the bird feeders at first light…including the “jelly feeder” that the pretty female Yellow Bellied Sapsucker had been coming to…I had the thought I’d stop putting out jelly when the jar was empty because the YBSS had apparently moved on, had not seen her in a week. Back inside, poured a cup of coffee, stepped to the kitchen window and darn if she wasn’t right on top of that grape jelly feeder !
    Audubon says they’re only around the southern states / Central America for wintering, and their breeding range is in the she may disappear for good soon. I watched her for a few minutes until she flew off…about an hour later saw her again and had a camera ready then…not the best shot, but was glad to get it.
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