Thomas Edison National Historic Park

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    Thomas Edison Laboratory Complex in West Orange, NJ. It is part of the Thomas Edison Historic National Park. I chose to treat all the photos with a B&W film look because I felt it truly expressed the feeling you get when visiting. Edison was truly a father of modern innovation. If you are ever near West Orange, it's surely worth a visit. Enjoy!

    The Black Maria - World's first film studio
    View attachment 43904 The Black Maria by WestOkid, on Flickr

    Thomas Edison's Presicion Machine Shop
    14200571646_01f970a21d_c.jpg Thomas Edison's Presicion Machine Shop by WestOkid, on Flickr

    Hard at work
    14037093149_28f03d96de_c.jpg Hard at work by WestOkid, on Flickr

    14200609456_c9f93002b9_c.jpg Antique Drill Press by WestOkid, on Flickr

    14221399742_697c17b80d_c.jpg Machine Shop by WestOkid, on Flickr

    14037069478_e2a1d380ce_c.jpg Antique Camera by WestOkid, on Flickr

    14037103808_4b4b7a20a8_c.jpg Music! by WestOkid, on Flickr

    14037066009_826b4f07f6_c.jpg Thomas Edison's Presicion Machine Shop by WestOkid, on Flickr

    The full Album link for those that want to see more -

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    Neat place, nice shots
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    That look like a place I'd love to visit. The machine shop pix are cool, and I think you're right: B&W was the way to go with these.
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    Very nice treatment, it fits the subject well. Looks like it was a fun shoot. :)
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    Couldn't agree more with what David said! Absolutely love those machine shop photos and yeah B&W definately brings out the atmosphere for these :thumbup:

    On another note, I noticed there is something strange going on with your watermark/signature on the photos - its very blurred ;)
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    I think you would. There are a some interesting stories that work to enhance the experience. If I were just shooting to promote the exhibit, I would show more inventions/exhibits, but they were either incased in glass or had do not touch signs etc. Fine for the visit, but don't quite work in a picture. I decided to document the visit like I was there in 1890. :)
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    Those are excellent! Thanks for sharing.
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