This Robin held a clinic in the back yard this afternoon…

Discussion in 'Nature' started by roundball, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. roundball

    roundball TalkEmount Legend

    Oct 8, 2013
    NEX-7 + Canon FD 80-200/4.0-L

    One of the photos is pretty noisy...was experimenting with the following set up:
    Set shutter manually at 1/250 / Set Aperture manually at F8 / used AUTO-ISO.
    And I noticed AUTO-ISO picked ISO1600 a few times .

    Evidently collecting multiple worms per trip to feed young in a nest nearby. And the eyesight is amazing…from just a few feet of perch height it could spot a brown earthworm moving in brown pine needles 20 feet away.

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    View attachment 46267
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