They're fixin' President Garfield's house....

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    Ted Gersdorf
    Near Mentor, Ohio. (Sony A7RII and Sony 16-35/4)

    This was probably a servant's house, or maybe a guest house.

    6-8-18 Garfield Home   1- SM.JPG

    This was an active windmill for pumping water to the residences. There was also a gas separator to provide gas for cooking and lighting.

    6-8-18 Garfield Home   2- SM.JPG

    6-8-18 Garfield Home   3- SM.JPG

    This was President Garfield's personal office and library. Compared to today's standards, it was pretty small. Note the spittoons; there are two for no waiting.

    6-8-18 Garfield Home   6- SM.JPG

    6-8-18 Garfield Home   7- SM.JPG

    This the President's front porch. Imagine a relaxing night without a need for the Secret Service, a full press corp, and CNN.

    6-8-18 Garfield Home   8- SM.JPG

    They have repaired the roof and some work on the back of the house. The front is next. According to the National Park Service, "It's gonna take a while...."

    6-8-18 Garfield Home   9- SM.JPG

    Quite an unassuming front door for a Civil War hero and President of the United States.

    6-8-18 Garfield Home   10- SM.JPG

    This from the rear of the house. Sometime this summer, I'm going back for interior shots.

    6-8-18 Garfield Home   11- SM.JPG

    This was President Garfield's Presidential Campaign Headquarters. His entire national campaign was run from this small building behind his house. Almost unimaginable. Oh.... it did have a telegraph pole.

    6-8-18 Garfield Home   12- SM.JPG
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    Another wonderful group portraying our history!
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    Ted, you were 15 minutes from my house, you should have called me.
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    Another great series of old restored houses :) 
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