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    The women of the Chin tribes currently part of Myanmar used to have a tradition of tattooed faces. The tattoos took different patterns depending on the tribe and were placed on their faces between 10 and 15 years old. When the communist dictatorship took over in 1963 they tried to end the practice. In 1974 it became formerly illegal.

    There are less than 10 women left among the black faced women....

    tatt (1 of 8).
    And most of the remaining tattooed faced women are pretty old

    tatt (2 of 8). tatt (3 of 8). tatt (4 of 8). tatt (8 of 8).
    tatt1 (1 of 1).

    Most of the women are located in the hills on the east side of the Arakan mountains but a tribe of Yingtu live on the west side close to Mrauk U in Rhakine State. (Only 100km apart but a 5 day trek or two days by car, bike and boat. Their spider web tattoo is easy to recognize.
    tatt (1 of 1).
    Younger women can be found with facial tattoos amongst the Mun tribe near Mindat.
    tatt (5 of 8).

    tatt (6 of 8).

    They were tattooing young girls faces as recently as 2002 when 6 girls had their face tattooed.

    This is one of them and probably the youngest tattooed faced woman at 28. The future husbands would offer to pay the fine for the girl who had her face tattooed illegally.
    tatt (7 of 8).
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    Fascinating. Love learning from our members
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  3. These are really interesting, and what an intriguing history! Ouch, imagine how painful the process must have been! I can see why the government decided to formally end the practice and make it illegal, though.
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    Plenty of folks voluntarily do all kinds of tattoos and piercings. It is when it is done to young kids without their consent.
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    even IF the story weren't compelling, the photos are first rate.
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    These are lovely images and fascinating to boot. Picture number 4 is my absolute favourite..... but it was hard to choose from so many. I just like the easy connection that they seem to have and that you have perfectly caught :) 
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  7. Excellent reportage!
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    Just wow!!!
    For the AMAZING photos and the story behind them :) 
    Well done
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