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the scene of fans saw this scene


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Jan 2, 2013
Josh Smith head soon to the metamorphosis of the idea of the formation of a stubborn, then he suddenly accelerated directed the Lee Immersió away??

When Lee Guan Yu will be half a basketball into the basket, the palm was only 10 centimeters basket, suddenly feeling legs were still in the air suddenly pull. Then in huge under tension, nfl jerseys china,the whole person completely uncontrolled fall down tramp??

Lee Immersió left foot first floor, then under the oppression of its own weight, ankles by hit suddenly and calf form a ninety degrees or even 60-degree angle between the bang??

Lee Immersió clearly hear the ankle came the shrill sound of broken drill into the brain-heart pop followed by a wave of tremendous pain, severe pain stimulus, he even no protective action on the body fell to the ground are not perceived V

One hundred and thirtieth chapters: people die like


American Airlines Center Arena in the Lee Immersió pulled down that moment, a scream??


Lee Immersió pulled down, but basketball eventually stubborn tie into the Nets??

Lee Guan Yu could not help wailing has always been super-endurance issue piercing screams, at this moment, his whole body is completely unconscious, only know the ankle brought him a piercing pain??

American Airlines Center arena burst of panic hear a Lee Immersió crying, sounded uniform was chaos after the live DJ led the massive Scream per-lee, our hero, Miami need you to lead us to victory? ?

The fans cry drill into Lee Immersió ears Li Immersió can hear very clearly, but can not make any substantive response, Coach handbags outlet,he can only not be suppressed tears teeth, try not to let their own screams disturb others? ?

While Li Immersió teeth, the next row cool actress finally very calm collective stood up, one by one Ewha the rain trying Chongjinchangnei given the Lee Immersió a warm hug, but unfortunately stadium security promptly dispatched blocked them??

Security can block physically very weak female stars dressed in high heels, but can not stop the thousand enemies when the courage of Rock enemy??

Happened the moment Roque enemy being sidelines eyes closed he had not much interest in basketball, come here purely holding Shishu field??

But when he heard the roar Li Immersió Heartbreakers, looked up the big screen found this culprit after Josh Smith. . nike authentic jerseys,The first time you rushed into the stadium as Lee Immersió Shi Zhi he could not sit idly by, indifferent??

And, let Activity Relationships know, said no, he does not spray dead will be strange??

When Roque enemy with lightning speed rushed slightly remorse in front of Josh Smith, Josh Smith even not enough time to bat an eyelid. Rock enemy of heavy blows it fiercely hit in his chest, the screams suddenly Josh Smith, lying flat on the ground, whining incessantly??

At this point, the scene of fans saw this scene, immediately crazy. Do not know who took a head, a few seconds later, the cry of the fans in the audience has become hostility ridden roaring "Kill him!" Kill him! "Kill him!??

The cries of the fans, Roque enemy bent down, grabbed Josh Smith's left the belts right hand grabbed him by the collar. Suddenly a drink hands situation Jin, put the Josh Smith over his head??

Seeing this, the roar of the fans, automatically converted into killed him! Killed him??

At the moment, the hearts of fans in Miami, do not kill Josh Smith difficult to appease the resentment he actually Miami City of Heroes is brought down to the ground??

When Roque enemy Josh Smith over his head, and realized that something big bar security quickly ran over. Originally, wholesale nfl jerseys,they would like to let Rock enemy lesson Josh Smith think about it, which play such a big yellow skin guy actually open one eye closed. Kills when the time came, they could not afford??

"I'm sorry, I do not want to quilt green criticize!??

Josh Smith a nose a tear for mercy, Rock enemy cold muttering one. Suddenly under the pull of the black security as well as Atlanta players out of enthusiasm, Josh Smith to pound mercilessly over his head the station H??

Josh Smith smashed in the technical bench heavy wood fracture at the same time, the audience fans excited to cheer in their hearts, Roque enemy city hero??

Which look smashing visual impact is extremely strong, but the damage received is not heavy, table after all Dianzhe. Josh Smith and fainted, painful sound is not much, he's just looking forward to the security and teammates as soon as possible, persuaded the the yellow skin vigorously devil, continue to make him so crushed, even if he has nine lives by not from the toss??

Frank Teurlings

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Dec 10, 2012
Probably seen a basketball game where a certain scene in for came and here report of done and photographed. However I miss the photo that perhaps the report clearer.
Aug 15, 2012
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This is Chinglish. This is what you get when you put Chinese through a computer translation and don't check it.

If you are not a native English speaker and don't understand ... don't worry because native English speakers don't understand this either.

The user name 'Jiayou' means "add oil" and is a Chinese way of saying "Let's Go!" at a sporting event. The other similar thread is by 'Huangyin' which means "Welcome". Same guy of course.

This is just spam, junk, garbage to get you to check the links.

加油, 你的英文错了.我们看不懂啊!

(Jiayou, your English is wrong, we can't understand)


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Oct 11, 2012
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2nd in a day....:(

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