The cities and landscape in West China

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    Lanzhou, the middle area of Northwest China, were built along the Yellow River valley. The city is divided into two parts by the river.



    The cloud upon Qilian Mountain. The photo was shot in Liangzhou, which was the east end of the Hexi Corridor. In the ancient time, Liangzhou is the most important city on the Silk Road, as it was the only way leading to Western Regions.


    The wind power plant in Daban, east of Xinjiang. It was built on the edge of Gobi desert, horrible place.


    The local people in Xi'an City let off fireworks to celebrate Spring Festival. Xi'an was the capital of China for thousands of years and the local were quite proud of it.


    Canola flower fields in Hanzhong, southern side of Qinling Mountain.


    Chongqing, modern city in Southwest China.

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    I think I'd love to see those last two in color, ChenXM.
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    Those are excellent! Thanks for sharing ;)
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    Nice images.

    My favorite is the first one - the image that features the arch of the bridge against the vertical lines of the buildings.

    - Tom -
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    Nice series. Really like that last one.
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