The American Robin Family


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Sep 15, 2018
Livonia, Michigan

The very first day I used a DJI Osmo Pocket as I didn't want to accident bump into the nest as I was on a ladder. The second day I hand held a Sony A9 with a Sony 100-400mm GM lens attached to it, but the video was shaky and I didn't want to get close to the nest as the male or female would never come to feed the brood as long as I was close by. The male robin is usually the one that feeds the brood as the female is already busy building a second nest. Then I got the bright idea of putting the Sony A9 on tripod using a gimbal to shoot a stable video. I started on May 23 through to today (May 29) and hopefully I will get some more video shootage, but the kids will be soon leaving the nest. :( As you can tell from the last video segment that they are already getting their plumage and color.

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