Showcase Tamron 90mm f/2.8 SP Di Macro 1:1 USD

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    Recently picked up this lens in Sony A-Mount along with an LA-EA3 to use with my A7II running the latest firmware (I did test it without the latest firmware and it was completely unusable). This is the mid-version of this lens so it has internal focus (i.e., no screw-drive focus motor) which makes it compatible with the LA-EA3, but lacks VC which is present on the newest version.

    Pretty happy with this lens although I'd like to see a little faster focusing. I'm going to give it a good workout this weekend and see how it does as a portrait lens as well. The bokeh, in my opinion, is very nice and it's sharp enough for me wide open. At f/3.5 it's equally as sharp as, if not sharper than, any other similar lens I've tried, including the wonderful Canon 100L. Really an undervalued lens, in my opinion. If it focused as fast as the 100L, it'd be a surefire winner.

    Here are a few of my first shots around the yard... Hand-held, mostly wide open. Autofocus, matrix metering, uncompressed RAW files and lightly edited in Lightroom (contrast, color, saturation, etc., but no sharpening applied).

    TAMRON-00007. TAMRON-00012. TAMRON-00016. TAMRON-00018. TAMRON-00021.

    And this is a pretty good crop of one of the images above (just a screen shot after default zoom in Lightroom):
    Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 8.36.41 AM.
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    Pretty results! :thumbsup:
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    Thank you! For $400 NOS, I can't complain. The native 90/2.8 Macro FE lens would focus faster, has OS, etc., but it's also $900. I can get the Sigma 85/1.4 and this for the same money and have two stellar lenses. Which I think I might do. :)
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    Looks great