TalkNEX now supports Tapatalk and Forum Runner

Amin Sabet

Aug 6, 2011
I'm pleased to announce support for Tapatalk and Forum Runner here at

These are inexpensive apps (with free versions on some platforms) which make it easier to read and post in our forums from mobile devices with small displays and/or limited bandwidth.
  • Tapatalk has support for iOS (no full-res iPad support yet), Android, Blackberry and Nokia. There is also support for Windows Phone 7 and WebOS via third party apps.
  • Forum Runner currently supports iOS and Android with announced plans to support Windows Mobile (Phone 7?) and Blackberry.
I've used both Tapatalk and Forum Runner on my iOS and Android devices. Both are very slick, useful apps. Features are different, so check out the user reviews before buying.

Please note:
  • These apps will only work with forums which support them. Don't buy thinking they will work with all forums (eg, DPReview, etc).
  • It is possible though (unlikely) that we will have to remove support for these apps in the future if security issues arise.
  • As a general security measure, remember to use a different password for forums like than you use for your email, banking, etc.

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