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    Jan 15, 2013
    Tair 3 is a Russian 300mm/4.5 telephoto. I paid 100 Euro for whole photosniper outfit except Helios 44. All shot using tripod (the lens weights 1.6 kg). No processing.

    Zinnias, resized to 25%
    Detail from above, 100% crop
    Brick wall, resized to 25%
    Detail from above, 100% crop

    Pretty sharp but there is some color aberration. I think that my copy is about average as there are much better example photos around but also lots of complaints about horrible CA too. Exposure time was 1/160 and 1/1250.

    I will dismantle mine in winter. This is a 3 lens construction and small misalignment of lenses may be responsible for CA.