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Struggling with flash on NEX-7


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Nov 25, 2012
Viera, Florida, USA
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I'm used to my Nikons being mostly dead accurate with an SB-800 in bouncing. The Olys were very good too with a Metz 44AF. I have the HVL-F43AM for the NEX-7, and it seems to want to blow everything out. ANY adjustments in exposure or flash compensation seems to take it the other way. This isn't for fill, it is for portraits in a low-lit room, with the bounced flash as the main source. When I first got the NEX-6, I found quickly that the norm is to add 2/3 to the exposure comp and leave it that way. Is there some magic to the flash settings as well? I'll experiment some more, but wanted to know if someone else had inconsistencies with flash on these cameras. THANKS!


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