Street Venders in Cartagena

Discussion in 'Street and Documentary' started by Pitter, May 8, 2015.

  1. Pitter

    Pitter TalkEmount Veteran

    A couple of ladies selling fruit by a park in Cartagena de las Indias

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  2. NickCyprus

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    Oct 11, 2012
    Nice and colorful ;)
  3. WNG

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    Aug 12, 2014
    Arrid Zone-A, USA
    Colorful! Like the yellows throughout the shot.
  4. Nexnut

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    I really dig your images, Pitter. I had a lovely colleague from Colombia and wanted to travel there for many years but haven't made it yet.
    Keep them coming!
  5. Pitter

    Pitter TalkEmount Veteran

    Thanks Nexnut will do.