Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens

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    The estate was built between 1912 and 1915 for F. A. Seiberling, co-founder of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, and his wife, Gertrude Penfield Seiberling. They named their "American Country Estate" Stan Hywet, loosely translated from Old English meaning "stone quarry" or "stone hewn," to reflect the site's earlier use and the abandoned stone quarries located on the grounds of the estate.

    F.A. and Gertrude hired three professionals to shape the outcome of this home building project: Boston landscape designer Warren Manning, New York City interior designer Hugo Huber and Cleveland architect, Charles Schneider. Schneider originally pitched his design as an employee of George Post & Sons, a New York City architectural firm. Schneider left the company in 1913, but retained creative control and oversight of the building project.

    In April 1912, the Seiberlings, with oldest daughter Irene and architect Charles Schneider, traveled to England to tour approximately 20 manor homes to gather inspiration for the home's design. Three English country homes served as the inspiration for Stan Hywet's: Compton Wynyates, Ockwells Manor, and Haddon Hall.[5]

    The long, sprawling Manor House is 64,500 square feet and includes four floors and a lower level (basement). In conceiving their dream home, the Seiberlings asked each family member what he or she desired. Gertrude requested a large music room, an indoor swimming pool for the boys, and a private office for F.A. The house included a formal dining room that would seat up to 40 people, five guest bedrooms with adjoining full bathrooms and walk-in closets, and eight live-in servants’ bedrooms. (Wikipedia)

    All interior photos were taken with the Tokina fiRin MF 20/2

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   3- SM.JPG

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   6- SM.JPG

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   11- SM.JPG

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   13- SM.JPG

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   15- SM.JPG

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   18- SM.JPG

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   30- SM.JPG

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   34- SM.JPG

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   42- SM.JPG

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   44- SM.JPG

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   48- SM.JPG
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    Awesome estate! The interior shots were well framed and nicely processed, Ted!
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    The Gardens..........

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   53- SM.JPG

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   54- SM.JPG

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   55- SM.JPG

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   56- SM.JPG

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   57- SM.JPG

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   59- SM.JPG

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   60- SM.JPG

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   61- SM.JPG

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   62- SM.JPG

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   63- SM.JPG

    6-10-18 Stan Hewitt   64- SM.JPG
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    Nov 29, 2014
    South Florida and NE Ohio
    Ted Gersdorf
    Thank you Will.
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    WOW! Clearly these folks had a passion for beautiful surroundings and the means to make it happen.
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    Love all the shots Ted but the interior shots are top notch!
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