Southern Maryland

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    28118109445_e90d913d83_c.jpg 2016-MemorialDay-DSC05052-SONY-ILCE-7 by joel richards, on Flickr
    27503486214_0255ec42ab_c.jpg 2016-MemorialDay-DSC05031-SONY-ILCE-7 1 by joel richards, on Flickr
    27837680470_34e0ac089e_c.jpg 2016-MemorialDay-DSC05019-SONY-ILCE-7 by joel richards, on Flickr
    27837683490_69b7351100_c.jpg 2016-MemorialDay-DSC05003-SONY-ILCE-7 by joel richards, on Flickr
    27837685400_6fa65dc210_c.jpg 2016-MemorialDay-DSC05003-SONY-ILCE-7 1 by joel richards, on Flickr
    27502976693_f622ca46f1_c.jpg 2016-MemorialDay-DSC04986-SONY-ILCE-7 by joel richards, on Flickr

    #4&5 are obviously the same photo in color & B/W. They are also the only image shot with a 55mm the rest are all 85mm.
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    That one! :2thumbs:
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    Oct 11, 2012
    #3 for me too! That one has great mood :)
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