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Sony's Market Share in Japan has Doubled due To Mirrorless Cameras


TalkEmount Regular
Sep 2, 2011
Looks like Sony is making quite allot of progress in the Land Of The Rising Sun (Japan) as they have managed to double their market share in Japan, whilst Canon & Nikon have lost 35% of the Market share(combined). This is mostly because of the new trend of Mirrorless camera's that are being offered by Sony is quickly picking up in Japan, while in the rest of the world, it's not quite as popular (yet).

Canon and Nikon should take this as a warning sign that Sony means business, and although Canon and Nikon are great with Mirror DSLR's they haven't stepped into the circle of Mirrorless Camera's . This means that Sony could make more sales, by introducing newer and better mirrorless Systems, which is something every photographer would want to test out atleast. And especially with their Latest NEX 5N. I think it's going to be a hit and many would want their hands on it :)

You can read more at the official article at BloomBerg


TalkEmount Regular
Sep 1, 2011
Macon, GA USA
That's good to hear! As long as the NEX systems are selling well we can expect advances and new lenses. I'm really hoping we have someone like Sigma or Tamron come out with a small, fast prime since Sony is taking their sweet time.

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