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Sony price drops for Black Friday?


New to TalkEmount
Nov 10, 2011
Hello everyone!

New joiner here, and still hemming and hawing over what step to take up from my P&S. I've become infatuated with the C-3, and the deal on the Sony site for the body + kit lens + wide angle lens for $700 looks incredibly tempting. I was wondering if anyone here has experience with Sony Black Friday deals? Do they usually have a significiant promotion during that weekend as well?


TalkEmount Regular
Sep 30, 2011
Many Sony products will be in constrained supply because of the floods in Thailand that have, unless we hear otherwise, destroyed their manufacturing capability. The NEX line of cameras, as well as sensors produced for many of their cameras as well as for other makers like Ricoh, are affected.

In short, there are likely to be shortages of many products over the coming several months.

Because of this I would assume that sales/discounting will be limited and perhaps it won't only be Sony that tries to keep prices higher. Total guessing on my part... up here in Canada we don't really experience the "Black Friday" sales phenomena.


New to TalkEmount
Nov 14, 2011
In reality, you can find barely used ones for cheap. There's a local sale here for $430 with the 18-55.

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