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Sony OVF


TalkEmount Veteran
Aug 7, 2011
Jasper, Indiana
I am curious to hear from people who have used the OVF that Sony makes for their 16mm lens. First, is it a quality OVF? I am also wondering if anyone has modified it so that it can take other viewfinders. Finally, I heard reports that when it is mounted it causes or allows the LCD to be turned off and I was someone might confirm that.


New to TalkEmount
Aug 21, 2011
Travis, my experience with my LX5 may help. Added the electronic view finder, because I expected I would need it to use video when skiing on sunny days. So sequence of use was:
take out camera
take out evf in carry case
remove evf from case
remove plastic filler piece from hotshoe, and stow in case
put evf in hotshoe, and turn camera on
remove lenscap and press button
pres button on evf

take photo or video if subject was still around

do everything in reverse order, and put camera away.
Go skiing.

Frankly it took the fun out of using the camea! I was concerned the camera was too fragile with the evf in the hotshoe ewhen I was skiing.

final concern? The evf wasn't worth much for trade in!


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