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Sony NEX-7: Is This The Camera Micro Four-Thirds Enthusiasts Have Been Waiting For?


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Aug 22, 2011
As a Panasonic GF1 and GF2 user I have been anxiously waiting for the Panasonic or Olympus cameras "Pro" models that were to be more like the Fuji X100. They have not appeared and news has been sparse on future plans for models like that.

Now comes the Sony NEX-7 which looks very much like that camera. Will enough good glass follow to make a jump feasible? Can Sony make smaller lenses to better compete with the Mu43 new small lenses?

I love competition. Hopefully Panasonic and Olympus will step up the the plate and match or beat the great looking NEX-7. If not then I am tempted by the larger sensor if nothing else.

Amin Sabet

Aug 6, 2011
Ouch, that title hurts, Richard
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I know where you're coming from though, and I like competition too ;).


TalkEmount Regular
Aug 8, 2011
I'm a m4/3 user (E-PL1 and E-PL1s) but I also own a NEX-3 and have pre-ordered the NEX-7.

Yes, if Olympus had offered a camera with a few of the features in the NEX-7 I would have bought that instead of pre-ordering the NEX-7 (and the 50mm 1.8 OSS). The things I think Olympus needs to add in a "pro" Pen are:

-- Built-in EVF so I can use an external flash AND the EVF at the same time (wireless/slave flash triggered by the pop-up flash doesn't count in my mind)
-- Better controls (I like having multiple wheels/dials on my DSLRs but I hate the bulk of DSLRs ... the "trinav" interface on the NEX-7 looks like it solves that problem)
-- Faster burst/continuous shooting (5fps is "good" but 10fps is great)
-- Better high ISO performance ... yes, it remains to be seen how good the 24-megapixel sensor in the NEX-7 is with high ISO, but even if it's only in between the E-P3 and the NEX-5n then that is still better than the current Olympus offerings.

If Sony (and third party lens manufacturers) create more fast prime lenses (with AF) for the NEX E-mount before Olympus releases a Pro Pen then I will probably consider selling my m4/3 ... assuming the image quality of the NEX-7 lives up to my expectations.


TalkEmount Rookie
Sep 1, 2011
210miles North Of London
I don't think that Sony or M4/3rd camp will make a 'Pro' camera in this style for some time yet.

The problem the M4/3rd camp has got is the size of the sensor, I simple do not think it is physically possible for them to get 24Mb out of thier current chip design. It will interesting to see what the Pen 4 will be like mind. :)

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